Graduate testimonials

Graduates of the Master of Business Analytics tell their stories about the program, industry internships and the companies they've gone on to work for:

Emmeline Wu

Manager, Data Analytics, KPMG
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

Emmeline Wu’s love for finance led her to study commerce at university, but after seeing how many people were in her lectures, she looked for a postgraduate degree to help her stand out from the crowd. That’s when she discovered our Master of Business Analytics program.

“Commerce is very broad, and when you walk into a lecture, there’s sometimes more than 300 people there. With so many people, it's hard to differentiate yourself if you go straight into the workforce,” said Emmeline, who was employed as a Senior Data Analyst at KPMG soon after graduating.

“There's no typical day at KPMG. One day you'll be on a project for speech analytics around call centres, trying to identify customer sentiments. The next day, you'll be on a visualisation piece, creating dashboards, based on the different data sources. And the next day, it’ll be an information governance piece around the good practices for information management.”

While Emmeline’s interest in diving deeper into problems influenced her decision to study a master’s degree that was more technically challenging than her undergraduate degree, she was also attracted by the relevance of our Master of Business Analytics program to business decision making.

“To drive business decisions, you always need data. You need information to justify those decisions. But it’s sometimes really hard to translate technical knowledge into something that the business can understand. Studying the Master of Business Analytics has really helped me bridge the business and technical sides to deliver answers more clearly,” Emmeline said.

Michelle Zhao

Manager/Data Scientist, EY
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

Through the MBusA program, I was able to further develop my business skills as well as learn a whole new set of technical skills through the various programs classes and presentation trainings on offer. It set me on a good path into the industry by teaching me a majority of the technical skills required for my role at EYC3 – EY’s data and analytics capability in Asia-Pacific.

Having a deep understanding of businesses, understanding the real needs of your clients and performing technical tasks has made the transition from study to work much easier.

I have worked with a variety of clients in my role, but the most exciting project I was involved with was with a client from the higher education sector that wanted to build a student retention model. We worked closely with the client to develop the model and implemented it. The process of putting a predictive model into production was a very interesting and rewarding experience.


Leo Leng

EYC3 Consultant, Data Science
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

To be a good data scientist in Australia, a deep understanding of data warehousing is the first step. The MBusA acknowledges this as the program provides students with necessary skills needed to succeed in the analytics industry.

Most students find it challenging to jump from studies to a real-world career. I found the MBusA to be invaluable as the professors understood what we jump into after finishing study. This gave me a competitive advantage in my employment with EYC3.

As an EYC3 consultant, specializing in data science, I’m currently working with one of Australia’s leading banks to build machine learning algorithms to transform its marketing division. This machine learning code involves looking at their successful campaigns with the intent to automate analytics, freeing this task from analysts so they can work on value-add activities.

There are a myriad of analytics trends and specialties out in the market such as the Internet of Things, cyber security, machine learning and data warehousing. Having a good portfolio of knowledge and skills that span across different areas is the key to success. 

Pauline Luo

EYC3 Consultant, Data Science
Master of Business Analytics, 2016

With an interest in modelling techniques and solving business problems through insights, I decided to enroll at the Melbourne Business School to advance my knowledge and skills. As a highly regarded program within the industry, the MBusA provided me with a wide range of skills and the opportunity to learn different tools that I now use day-to-day as a consultant at EYC3. Most importantly, the problem solving skills I have gained from my project work at MBusA has proven invaluable in my career in data and analytics.

As a consultant and EYC3, I am able to utilize both my technical and business knowledge. Currently, I’m working with a client to build a platform architecture solution which will be used globally. This project is a collaboration between consultants and data scientists who are experts in their respective fields. As we are building this solution from scratch, I’ve been involved from the brainstorming phase through to strategy and execution, and have learnt a lot from my colleagues during this process.

Stephen Du

EYC3 Consultant, Specialist in Data Preparation, Modelling and Visualisation
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

I’ve always been interested in data and analytics, and enrolled at the MBusA for my post-graduate studies.

The program equipped me with both technical and business relevant skills which are highly useful in my role at EYC3. On the technical side, I gained knowledge on computer science and scripting skills on certain languages such as R, SAS and SQL. On the business side, the MBusA helped us to lay foundation on a broad range of business areas, such as finance, marketing, web analysis, via both course and practical industry placement.

Having a combined technical and practical skill-set has helped me in my role where I most recently worked in a team to help our client optimize their workforce operations. It was a great experience digging into this company’s operation and HR data to discover underlying insights to resolve their business problem. The experience was awesome in terms of both self-learning and final delivery and is just one of my many projects I’ll work on as a consultant at EYC3.

Pui-Ching Lee

Data Scientist, Quantium
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

Christelle Young

Senior Analytics Analyst, A.T. Kearney
Master of Business Analytics, 2016

Jason Widjaja

Associate Director, Global Data Science (Artificial Intelligence), MSD (Singapore)
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

I already had my MBA from Melbourne Business School but wanted to study analytics further to deepen my technical knowledge and make analytics work in a business context. Having been taught by top faculty with a practitioner mindset and met some of the smartest and most hardworking of my peers in the country, who take their careers seriously, Melbourne Business School was a natural choice to return to for my Master of Business Analytics.

The most effective analytics leaders marry technical understanding, commercial acumen and strategic thinking – and that’s what Melbourne Business School teaches. Real-life data science is intensely technical but also intensely business focused. Knowing the right talent, technical approaches and analytics tools to bring to the table is invaluable.

Data science is a nascent and multidisciplinary field, where very few experienced professionals have the requisite skill set, and the Master of Business Analytics plugged that gap for me.

Rebecca Wilson

Robotics/ Automation Manager, Jetstar Airways
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

The Personal Effectiveness Program (PEP) sessions really helped me build on my soft skillset. It was one of the things that most attracted me to the Master of Business Analytics program. The sessions ranged from workshops with an acting company to work on voice projection and body language, to networking and interview etiquette training – all of which were very useful at the many industry events held by the School.

Japveer Arora

Senior Analytics Analyst, A.T. Kearney
Master of Business Analytics, 2016

I was given great feedback about the program by previous students, which got me interested in Melbourne Business School. As an experienced professional, I had to consider the cost of taking time off, but receiving the A.T. Kearney Scholarship made my decision to study at such a renowned business school easy.

Anjana Krishnadas

Consultant, Analytics -  Marketing Strategy, NAB
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

A core element of the program, which had tremendous value for me, was the practicum. I worked on a real project at NAB, helping the bank solve a challenging problem and expanding my business network. The experience proved critical in securing my analytics job at NAB.

Lawrence Lifson

Lead Consumer Insights Analyst, BP
Master of Business Analytics, 2016

Working as an IT consultant, I was looking to specialise in a quantitative degree that combines the skills I’ve learnt from my undergrad studies and work experience. My scholarship helped confirm my decision to steer my career in the direction of analytics and that others saw me as a good fit for this industry.

David Loong

Founder, Shoptics
Master of Business Analytics, 2015

Analytics is a combination of art and science. A lot of schools focus on one or the other, but Melbourne Business School gets the combination just right. You get the technical skills required in analytics and the business skills needed to solve business problems.